Saturday, June 27, 2015

Strength Phase (Running Hills & Weight Training)

Week 11-14
Strength Phase 4 weeks
After the aerobic period, you begin with the strength phase, this is the time to continue hitting the weights and incorporate tempo cross country runs, hill training and repetition running it is the best way to improve running economy, it builds up running specific strength and hill training is great for uplifting lactate threshold. 

In the strength phase run 100% of the volume miles per week, focus on long runs in the hills, and recovery runs.

During the Strength Phase start repetition running at 80-82% with 3-5 minute recovery intervals. Progress throughout the season in intensity level.  If you don't meet the times in the speed workouts, you could spend several weeks even an month(s) at the percentage level, repeat the same pace until you meet the times in the speed workout. A 4:00 minute miler starts at 80% running repeats miles at 5:00.  A 4:24 miler starts at 80% running repeats miles at 5:30.  A 5:00 miler starts at 80% running repeat miles at 6:15.  A 5:24 miler starts at 80% running repeats miles at 6:45.  After meeting the pace time goal then progress to 82%, 85%, 88%, 91-92%. Your goal is to reach 92% of your intensity level.
Warm-up routine on speed workout(s) or race day(s):
12 minute easy run
400 meter jog
6-8 x (60-80 meters) 100 meters work-up to race pace (one minute cycle)
400 meter jog
Speed workout/Race
cool down - 7 minute jog (bare footed on the grass).

After the Strength Phase (4 weeks) insert rest.
Week 15 
Rest for two days, day three run for 32 minutes and day four and five rest for two days.

Resume training (Week 16)

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