Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lola Castro a Master Runner Part 1

In the summer time, two years ago, a mother asked, if she could run with the team.  Being a parent of an athlete, she was serious and she wanted to improve her running performance.  During the summer, Lola showed a pure love for running, and that is what it takes to succeed in training and racing.  I asked Lola and her husband, to meet with me to discuss her purpose, her long and short term goals, desires, motivation, dedication and her training and racing commitment.  Lola, and her husband (supporting her passion), I asked both if they were willing to put in the work, I told them they have to believe and have faith in the design of the program, and give input (ownership) in the design of the program.  I believe, if an athlete feels ownership, the athlete will choose to perform at a high level. 

Since Lola is a Master Runner (a runner over the age of 40 years), a master runner needs more recovery between intense workouts.  In September and October if she is competing on the weekend, her speed workouts days are on Tuesdays and Wednesday, giving her three days to recovery from intense workouts.
In the training program, we plan a 97 day 3 month cycle.  Before we start the training program, we begin with 13 days of  rest, after the rest, train for 21 days, after 21 days, insert 3 days of rest, after the rest, train for 34 days, after 34 days, insert 5 days of rest, after the rest, train for 15 days, after 15 days, insert a 3 day cycle which means, 3 days of rest followed with 3 days of training, that ends the 3 month cycle.  After the 3 month cycle, we start a 3 month cycle over again with 13 days of rest.  I've pick up this system of rest in the nineties “Consistent Winning” athletes had turn in great performances just by inserting a system of rest during the season.

Note:  A resting period need never have more than two rest days in a row without a workout.  Active Rest: an easy day 20 to 30 minutes of light training.  Rest:  means no training, no running.  Thirteen Day Resting Period:  Day 1 and 2 begins with two rest days, day 3 active rest, days 4 and 5 two rest days, day 6 train easy, day 7 train easy, day 8 train moderately, day 9 and 10 two rest days, day 11 active rest, and day 12 and 13 two rest days, a total of 13 days to detrain sufficiently before you begin your buildup.  Three Day Resting Period: an active rest day and two resting days; Five Day Resting Period:  two days of rest, active rest, two days of rest.  Three Day Cycle:  a three day resting period and a three day training period.
Lola’s PR (personal record) for the 5000 meters was in the twenties, she just ran 18:45 in the 5000 meters (3.1 miles).  Lola runs 7 days a weeks, unless we are inserting rest.  We start with low mileage; we gradually add more when she feels comfortable.  She started with 50% of her goal mileage which is 4 miles per day; every week we add mileage, the next week 5 miles per day; the next following week 6 miles per day; the next week 7 miles per day and we hold the 7 miles per day for a month, the next month 8 miles per day for a month, we hold 8 miles per day until we start tapering mileage. Her long runs are 10-12 miles once a week. As I mentioned above to be successful in running, we insert rest during the season.

Lola's training schedule:
During the base building (12 weeks) we started adding strides after the training runs, 3 days a week, after the 4th week, 6 x 200 meters or 6-8 one-minute cycles at mile pace.  During base building, I encourage not to race.  I encouraged Lola, to strength train, 2 days a week.  We incorporate hill training (strength training) on Saturdays and Sundays; Mondays, Wednesday, and Thursdays are easy runs; Tuesdays and Fridays are speed workout days.

In the month of November and December we will begin increasing the intensity and a three day training cycle.  Lola does her speed work, on the first day of the cycle, on day two and day three of the cycle, she runs a continuous run at a comfortable pace.  After the third day, we keep repeating the three day training cycle.

My goal with Lola is using basic principles to improve her training and racing.  I have to be understanding of mistakes that can be avoided.  To avoid mistakes, I need to be realistic with goal setting, use common sense, not to over train and insert rest, not to over race and race periodic.  

In the Month of October:  Speed Workouts

5 x 800's at 2:54 w/400 meters jog rest.

14 x 200's at 43 seconds w/200 meters jog rest

5 x 1000 at 3:45 w/600 meters jog rest

6 x 800 at 2:52 w/400 meters jog rest

4 x 1200 at 4:30 w/600 meters jog rest

3 x 3 x 300:  3 sets of 3 w/100 meters jog, after each repetition.
after each set jog 500 meters
First set 3 x 300 at 66;
Second set 3 x 300 at 64;
Third set 3 x 300 at 62;